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The Exhibits


Curated by: Alasdair Foster

"This exhibition brings together the work of eight of Australia's most significant photographic artists to explore the complex – and at times paradoxical – nature of the world's largest island. Arranged under four themes – The Land, The Nation, The Home and The Past – the images reflect shifting attitudes and evolving artistic styles that span seven decades."

Alexia Sinclair, The Library from the series 'A Frozen Tale', 2013 ©Alexia Sinclair.


Curated by: Iatã Cannabrava

"Itaócas is the name that I borrow for this exhibition and it presents two unique periods of photography that reveal a different country: the modern (1950 to 1970) and the contemporary (today). The Modernists presented here are beautiful examples of the Paulista School, which emerged within the Brazilian Fotoclubismo in São Paulo, through the 1950-1970 period. Their works are held in various Brazilian collections and desired by important international collections and museums."

José Yalenti, Evanescent, 1945 ©José Yalenti.


Curated by: Huang Yihuang

"Figures and landscapes are no more than the surface of things yet the Arabian proverb says that 'an idea is the bridge to the truth.' This exhibition is expected to give a concise review of the development of Chinese contemporary photography through four individual visions."

She Daike, Xiling Gorge, 1979


Curated by: Sunhee Kim

"This exhibition introduces five iconic Korean photographers whose passionate careers are still unfolding. What they have in common is that they not only take photos of objects, be they landscape or figures, but also create a new world by producing a virtual scene or landscape or combining images. They approach fundamental questions to social phenomena, their individual areas of interest and the field of art through their visual research and attempts."

Myoung Ho Lee, Tree...#2, 2011, From the series Tree Abroad.

UK & Ireland

Curated by: Martin Barnes

"The seven British photographers selected here offer a chronological span of works from the late 19th century to the present. What links them all is an exploration of Britain's historical past which can be felt in the present and in the idea and aesthetics of 'the sublime'."

Paul Seawright, Between IX, 2003, Courtesy of Kerlin Gallery Dublin.

USA & Canada

Curated by: Natasha Egan

"The eight artists in this exhibition, each born between 1895 and 1969 in the United States or Canada, grapple with the conundrums of human experience and interaction, whether personal or societal, and use a range of photographic strategies to represent their concerns and pursue results."

Moyra Davey, Seven, 2014.


Curated by: Ayman Lotfy

"The Photography world has been developing so fast in the last few years. New tools have enabled photographers to develop and produce endless work in different ways. I believe that every photo taken has to be an expressive piece of art, not just a click, but a complex message expressed in a frame, which comes to life through the eyes of the viewer."

Shaimaa Alaa, Core beauty © Shaimaa Alaa

Holland / Belgium

Curated by: Els Barents

"Since the 20th century romance with modernism and greatness are gone, there is a growing interest for new horizons. The theme of the Dutch/Belgian Pavilion is about the current perception and the imagination of such inner and outer spaces – in landscape, architecture, urbanism, as well as in the minds eye."

Frank van der Salm, Arcade, Shanghai, 2006.

Hungary / Czech Republic

Curated by: Kincses Karoly

"Due to their similar history and geopolitical location, Hungarian and Czech photography has much in common and a few differences. The twentieth century photography of both countries is characterised by increased social awareness, focusing on the distressed and minorities."

André Kertész, Underwater Swimmer, 1917 © André Kertesz Médiathèque de l’Architecture & du Patrimoine Ministry of Culture Médiathéque du Patrimoine, Dist. RMN, (France).

Spain / Portugal

Curated by: Dr. Jorge Calado

"There are both similarities and differences, but Portuguese photography remains, by far, the least known of the two. Portuguese photography appears gentle and sympathetic towards the subjects, although tainted by sadness (fado); Spanish photography is more violent (bullfights) but tempered by surrealist touches."

Cristina García Rodero, Loli's wedding, Morcillo, 1991, © Cristina García Rodero/Magnum Photos Courtesy Photo Colectania, Barcelona, Spain Inv. #23


Curated by: Mariko Takeuchi

"In Japanese, the word for 'photography' is 'shashin' – 'sha' meaning 'to reproduce' and 'shin' meaning 'truth'. The astonishing diversity of Japanese photography seems to be the fruit of a multitude of reactions, ranging from empathy to mistrust, to this process of 'reproducing the truth'."

Takashi Arai, Radioactive Lilies, Iitate Village, Fukushima, from the series Here and There - Tomorrows' Islands, ©Takashi Arai / Courtesy of PGI.


Curated by: Magnolia de la Garza

"The theme of 'Interior and Exterior' explores, through the work of Mexico's photographers, the relationship between photography and architecture established in Mexico from the twentieth century to the present day. Mexico's photography has developed in parallel with the modernization of the country, after the Revolution of 1910."

Atisbando el porvenir, 1958. Courtesy Fundación María y Héctor García.

South Africa

Curated by: Federica Angelucci

"My curatorial proposal revolves around an extended notion of landscape. The question of the land is undeniably at the crux of South African history: expropriation, appropriation and regulation of access to cities and other areas have shaped the country both socially and politically. The current state of ambiguity is echoed by the sober iconography employed by the artists presented in this group show."

Sabelo Mlangeni, Piekweik Dry, 2011, courtesy of Sabelo Mlangeni


Curated by: Hicham Khalidi

"The exhibition of Morocco presents works by four female Moroccan artist photographers. Each of them has a different take on what it is to be Moroccan, a migrant and a woman. Their subjects are as much political as poetic and could be framed as political poetics."

Zara Samiry, Amazons 15 © Zara Samiry.


Curated by: Jassim al Awadhi

"All artists are dreamers. The word 'dreamer' may have a negative connotation. Yet these artists have portrayed and depicted their dreams successfully just as our leaders of the UAE have. Without the leaders' dream we wouldn't have had this exhibition let alone the environs of this beautiful country."

Sulaiman bin Eid, Our Life.


Curated by: Fannie Escoulen

"In photography, some artists such as Claude Cahun and Antoine d'Agata have implemented various kinds of autofictions to 'shape' an artistic identity for themselves. The artists have taken themselves as the object of their work to invent a destiny, develop a new self-representation and in turn create a 'fiction of events and facts that are strictly real'."

Claude Cahun, Untitled.


Curated by: Devika Singh

"India's exhibition, 'Clearing a Space', presents the work of established and emerging artists working in and on India. Taking its title from a book by Amit Chaudhuri, the works have been selected for their focus on personal story telling."

Ketaki Sheth, Udit and Vidit, Gujarat, 1998.


Curated by: Frank Wagner

"We do not know of the self what is revealed and what might be disguised. Like the chrysalis that is hiding in its shell the new, elegant and beautiful butterfly. And what happens if the person observed wears a mask or schemes something? How do we shape society with our characteristic faces and poses and how does society shape our personality?"

Barbara Köppe.