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Dubai Photo Forum 2


The following forums took place during the Dubai Photo Exhibition.

East vs.West: A Clash of Photographic Style?


Session Axes

  • Eastern Photographers: Arab, Indian, and East Asian photographers, and how they differ.
  • The quantitative dominance of Eastern photographers in Western competitions.
  • Shift in the global photography curve.
  • The rich subjects for photography in developing countries, and the tangible shift towards them.
  • Comparison between Eastern and Western Photographers (capabilities, education, richness, creativity).

Judging: International Standards and Judges' Personalities


Session Axes

  • International critique and judging criteria, and pertinent facts.
  • Qualifications of a critic and a judge in photographic competitions.
  • Impartial judging and judging connected with participation levels (comparative judging).
  • The role of judging in creating a renewed framework for global photography.
  • The role of judging in eliminating wrong practices (pre-screening, practices contrary to the norms and ethics, imitating and repetition, etc.)

Women in Photography


Session Axes

  • Women and Photography as a profession and career.
  • Areas of specialization, and types of photography most suitable for women.
  • Women in photography.
  • Women as war photographers.
  • Female photographers in the East versus the West.

GCC Photographers: International Competitors or Would-be Professionals


Session Axes

  • The level of GCC photographer globally, and the trend of winning awards in international competitions.
  • Do GCC photographers take up professional photography as means to make a living?
  • The role of GCC photographers as ambassadors for their countries and cultures.
  • GCC photographers’ need for institutional support, and the return on investment (ROI).
  • Absence/scarcity of women in the GCC photography scene.

Witnessing Arab Photography: Past, Present & Future


Session Axes

  • Arab photography archives.
  • Copyright in photography: photographers or institutions.
  • The development of Arabic photography, and how it compares with global photography.
  • Restrictions on Arabic photography: confessional, political, social.
  • Arabic Photography, between past and present.
  • Photography for all and its effect on the recipients.