HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum | Dubai Photo Exhibition

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His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Crown Prince of Dubai

Dear lovers of photography, since the launch of "Your Award" (HIPA) five years ago, it has stunningly touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of photographers around the world, and left behind a lasting impression on the international map of photography.

The announcement of the Dubai Photo Exhibition as a 'visual museum of photographic masterworks' is a coming of age for the arts in the region and therefore a fascinating and exciting project. This exhibition will no doubt take us on an enthralling journey through the different generations of photography, exploring some of the most exhilarating and breath-taking stories ever captured by photograph. HIPA has attracted the ambitions of photographers from all around the world, and here it is once again gathering some of the finest photographic talents in this historic celebration of the art form.

It is not unusual for Dubai to bring the world together under one umbrella, as it is doing now with various art and photography lovers. During the period of the Dubai Photo Exhibition, the world will no doubt unite under the language of photography and the connection between a photographer and his/her camera will be become even more apparent.

The Dubai Photo Exhibition will host some of the most prominent photography ever created. These photographs have helped create the history of photography and in turn paved the way for photographers to capture the beauty of the world we live in and connect with other cultures and nationalities.

I genuinely believe that any passionate photographer will spend plenty of time in the exhibition's exhibits studying each and every photograph displayed. This may well help reshape the idea of photography in the minds of some, and hopefully also inspire them to take their own passion for photography to the next level and in turn excel in the art form.